Imagine the scene… you arrive at work one morning to find your back door smashed. Cash from the register is missing along with computers and other valuables. Your stomach sinks thinking about the hassle to replace it all. And the costs of beefing up your security.

Can you really afford round-the-clock security guards?

It feels like a punch to the gut. That £50,000 investment in your CCTV system feels like a waste of time and money. Your top-end cameras record the crime but do nothing to prevent it.

Would on-site security officers monitoring your live CCTV have helped to scare off the criminals? You’d have a rapid response. But on-site security guards cost a small fortune, right?

Well, maybe remote CCTV monitoring is your answer?

Beware the astronomical cost of on-site security

Having uniformed guards physically present provides a visible deterrent. But it saddles smaller businesses with an unaffordable price tag… Let’s do the maths.

In-house security guards earn £11-15 per hour plus the usual employer’s contributions. Staffing shifts around the clock requires at least 4 full-time employees, costing up to £130,000 annually. And that’s just for one location! Scary…

Monitoring equipment, break rooms, insurance and other overheads tot up. Adding more to your bill. Even if you go for just one overnight guard, for 5 days per week. It costs a business around £34,000 per year minimum. Sadly, comprehensive on-site security is unattainable for most small companies.

Remote CCTV monitoring services – the smarter choice?

Savvy businesses turn to remote monitoring services instead of in-house security teams. These days the technology used by the best monitoring companies is amazing. AI filters out false ‘activations’ so their specialised staff only need to respond to real-time alerts triggered by suspicious events or movement. This means it’s much less likely for a criminal to get on-site undetected.

Remote monitoring is a proactive and cost-effective substitute for on-site security guards.

Pricing based on the number of cameras and monitoring times allow businesses to pay only for the protection they need.

For example, monitoring a 20-camera system can cost as little as £2400 per year. That’s for 24/7 cover. A huge saving over a single full-time security guard working 5 days per week.

Affordability doesn’t mean vulnerable!

Skilled remote monitoring personnel and intelligent systems work in tandem to provide cutting edge security… remotely.

The point is, experienced monitoring personnel are highly skilled. Assessing live video surveillance and picking criminal activity from false activations is their bread and butter. They initiate emergency protocols immediately when they spot a genuine risk.

Built-in analytics automate parts of the monitoring process to pinpoint suspicious events. Basic CCTV analytics include motion detection and line crossing. While advanced analytics can identify suspect loitering, tailgating, theft and even unattended baggage. There are also special cameras that trigger activations, such as thermal, people counting and facial recognition.

You can even opt for two-way audio. This allows your monitoring operative to remotely intervene and deter trespassers and intruders through live audio challenges at the premises. Something like this, for example;

Your attention please, this is a security announcement. You’re being monitored on live CCTV. You are trespassing on private property, please leave now or further action will be taken

Together, this is enough to deter the vast majority of criminals BEFORE they wreak havoc.

The all-important human element

Triggered live observation and real-time interaction give remote monitoring services advantages over purely technology-driven CCTV and alarms. Experienced remote monitoring personnel are adept at identifying unusual behaviour patterns that technology may miss (see above).

In an emergency situation, your monitoring operative will swiftly dispatch your keyholder, the Police or a contracted security provider to the site as appropriate. This guarantees a physical presence when it’s needed.

What about the best of both worlds

For most businesses, the question is not CCTV or security guards. It’s a cost-effective hybrid solution.

Outsourced remote CCTV monitoring and the ‘audio challenge’ service paired with contracted on-site emergency response provides 24/7 protection without outrageous costs. This allows visual verification and subsequent removal of unwanted visitors from a site by ‘challenging’ them. And only calling in the Police or security response when required. You can see how that cuts costs.

Security no longer has to be financially out of reach. With today’s advanced yet affordable CCTV remote monitoring capabilities, every business can feel protected. The only thing you have left to worry about is your customers!

Debunking common monitoring misconceptions

I think I’ll feel safer having “boots on the ground” vs someone watching through a screen

It’s understandable to find comfort in having guards physically present. However, experienced monitoring personnel are highly trained. They can detect threats without the distractions on-site guards face. Like fatigue from working long, tedious shifts when nothing happens… Until it does!.

Remote monitoring operatives only need to focus on your CCTV feeds when the tech is triggered by something suspicious. Their sole purpose is identifying concerns even guards may miss when they’re on patrol. When an urgent response is needed, they will respond with an audio challenge and/or swiftly send help to your exact location if appropriate.

You benefit from live human surveillance plus on-demand in-person intervention.

What if I need to upgrade my existing CCTV system and cameras? That’s more expense…

If your current security cameras are ancient, an upgrade may be necessary. Fortunately, flexible monitoring plans and affordable technologies mean this needn’t happen all at once. Most monitoring services work with nearly any CCTV system, new or old. Lower-priced options accommodate legacy equipment. You can gradually modernise your system over time without a huge upfront cost.

Don’t let your ancient CCTV gear put you off. You can always phase in upgrades later! At Eastern Security we’re always here to help you upgrade your security in a phased, affordable way that works for you. Talk to us, we’ll be delighted to help.

Choosing your monitoring station wisely…

Some remote monitoring stations insist on endless questions about the CCTV cameras you need monitoring. Such as:

  • Is it an open or closed site?
  • What kind of cameras do you have?
  • Static camera or PTZ?
  • Thermal or PIR cameras?
  • Is your site 24 hours?
  • How many activations will there be?
  • NVR or DVR?

While other ARCs make calculating your CCTV remote monitoring costs straightforward. That can be as easy as £10 per camera per month. Choose your monitoring station wisely and make your life easier!

Keep your CCTV remote monitoring costs low by partnering with Eastern Security

Getting the basics right is how we build trust at Eastern Security. It’s part of the Eastern Promise and our commitment to working partnerships that stand the test of time. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Available: we WILL call you back if we’re busy. You’ll never be stuck, hanging on the phone with a sales rep who can’t help you.
  • Transparency: we only quote for what you need to protect your premises and to be compliant. No nasty surprises down the line
  • Professional with the personal touch: our friendly engineers turn up on time with the tools for the job. Every time.
  • Quality equipment and planned maintenance: for minimal call outs and minimal faults

It’s the same for our monitoring service. Expect trouble free CCTV monitoring that saves you time, money and endless aggravation. How’s that for trouble-free Fire & Security?

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