Home CCTV Systems, Southend
Home CCTV Systems, Southend

Home CCTV systems have never been so affordable

Our Home CCTV Starter Pack starts at £660 inc VAT for an installation including 2 cameras and a DVR.

You will get:

  • 2 x HD cameras (indoor and outdoor options available)
  • 1 x 4 channel 1TB hard drive DVR
  • Set up of mobile device to view CCTV remotely
  • 3 year warranty on parts
  • 12 month warranty on labour

The recorder can be displayed on your TV or spare monitor if the system and wiring is installed close enough to reach. Otherwise, you can have a dedicated 20″ monitor at an extra cost of £144.00 inc V.A.T.

This alarm package is perfect for the first time alarm buyer or homeowner on a budget. It’s the ideal foundation for your home security system.

And, guess what! It is expandable

There’s no need to start again with a new system. If you need extra cameras in the future, just ask us and we will be delighted to quote you to add them.

These prices only act as a guideline and are based on unhindered cable runs that are surface clipped externally/internally and through clear loft spaces. No provision has been made for the installation of containment such as conduit or plastic trunking. Containment can be used but will incur extra material and labour costs which will be discussed during your free home survey.


Integrated Alarm & CCTV option

One of the options that our customers love most is the integrated burglar alarm and CCTV package. That way, if you do receive a notification of an alarm activation, you can check what is happening at your home on the CCTV app on your mobile phone – even if you’re half way across the globe. Combined with a monitoring package, you get complete protection and can be secure in the knowledge that, if there is a problem, your home is being looked after.

Wouldn’t you prefer to have the professionals confronting the intruder than the little old lady next door with whom you leave your key?


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    What you need to know about Home CCTV Cameras

    For the 21st century home owner, a CCTV system is the ultimate in home security. A device that allows you to see who is outside your house – whether you’re sitting in your living room or thousands of miles away on holiday. Now that’s peace of mind!

    The advent of mobile technology means that you can view the CCTV footage of your property wherever you are – through your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Some systems even make it possible for you to watch your footage as a separate channel on your television.

    Many householders purchase a home camera system as a way of providing evidence to convict the perpetrator after a crime. However, modern home CCTV systems offer a variety of different features which make it less likely that a thief will attempt to enter your property because of the increased chance of getting caught. We’ve made a list of the most asked for features below:


    HD CCTV enables you to see in greater detail than traditional home security cameras. This means there is a much better chance of highlighting the specific features of an intruder – which can help the police to identify and prosecute them.

    WiFi, Wireless or IP Cameras

    Many people these days search for WiFi, Wireless or IP Cameras, but what’s the difference? To the professionals, WiFi CCTV is known as IP (Internet Protocol) CCTV. These IP cameras turn your images into data and send this through a network or internet connection. There is no need for wires. And you can view your live or recorded footage on your PC, mobile phone or tablet.

    Night Vision CCTV

    As well as looking like something out of the movies, night vision CCTV goes a long way towards protecting your property when it gets dark. Traditional cameras have trouble creating a decent image in low light conditions, whereas night vision cameras use infrared light to get a much clearer picture.

    Indoor and Outdoor Cameras

    Not all cameras are weather proof! Get the right one installed outside your home or it might not last long!

    Mobile CCTV app

    Our apps are configured to follow an intruder when movement is detected on PIRs and you will receive an activation notification


    The rules of having home CCTV

    Whilst your CCTV cameras can act as a great deterrent to the would-be burglar, if the worst does happen you need to be sure that the incident gets captured in a way that can be used in evidence by the Police. Your footage needs to be high quality and high resolution.

    In addition, the GDPR also applies to domestic home owners as well as to businesses. Your home surveillance cameras have to be set up to exclude certain areas.

    So, for both these reasons, it’s vital that your home CCTV system is installed and maintained by a professional who knows all the rules.

    We solicited the services of Eastern Security to price and fit our security alarm, CCTV and fire alarm.  From beginning to end, we found them to be extremely knowledgeable and professional.  The installation was conducted seamlessly and we were made to feel very comfortable with how everything was being done and how the systems operate. Would not hesitate to recommend.

    Charlie Hampshire-Waugh

    Westcliff on Sea

    Home Security Cameras, Southend

    Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd for your home security cameras

    Eastern Security Ltd have been working with home owners to improve their security for over 25 years. We’re a trustworthy, local, Southend-based business who will provide the right solution for your needs and your budget. Our SSAIB accreditation means that we are regularly tested to ensure you get the highest standards for your installation.

    • SSAIB approved for CCTV Systems
    • Up to date, industry-approved technology
    • Local company with over 25 years of experience
    • Versatile systems designed to grow with your home
    • No mess installation
    • Not commission based sales team
    • For CCTV systems we offer a full warranty on parts and labour for the first year and up to 4 years on parts
    • Key holder service available

    As a local company with over 25 years’ experience, we’ll happily survey your property for free and devise a bespoke solution for your needs.

    To ask a question, or book a free home security survey, simply complete the form.


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