Security System Maintenance Southend

Security system maintenance is essential if you want your system to be fully operational and protect your home or business for years to come.

Security systems come in all shapes and sizes. From domestic or commercial intruder alarm systems, through CCTV camera equipment to intercoms, automated gates, door entry systems and other access control.

These security solutions are all as strong as their weakest component. Correct operation and e effective protection relies on regular maintenance.

At least annually.

So you know for certain that your system’s sensors will be functioning properly. Because they have all been given a routine inspection for dirt, cobwebs and general wear and tear.

But, strangely, not every security company offers ongoing support like maintenance packages to protect their systems and equipment. For neither homes nor business premises.

Which is bizarre when you consider that most electronic products require some kind of service if it is critical that they carry on working. Just think about the software and components in your car… You wouldn’t risk your own safety by not maintaining them with an annual service. And security systems are no different.

Intruder Alarm Maintenance

Whatever the security system, domestic or commercial, you will expect it to operate correctly and protect your home or business for years to come. That’s understandable, expected and frankly par for the course with installations from Eastern Security Ltd.

However, to keep the system in tip-top condition it needs to be regularly maintained because:

An intruder alarm maintenance visit will include:
• check operation of all devices;
• check remore signalling record details of monitoring;
• check mains input voltage and battery charge voltage and load test readings for control equipment.

CCTV Maintenance

A loose connection or a dying battery can leave you without effective CCTV protection. An Eastern Security CCTV Maintenance visit will include:

• checking the operation of all devices inc camera focus and picture quality etc;
• checking that the recording is ok and the quality of the recording.

Access Control Maintenance

Your Access Control Maintenance Visit will include:

• visual inspection of system;
• check mains power supply inc charging rates (where applicable).

Saving on maintenance is a false economy with false alarms the outcome.

Eastern Security Ltd offer a regular maintenance contract that will prevent you from becoming the most annoying neighbour in the street. But worse, too many false alarms and the Police will stop responding, even if you have a monitoring contract!

How secure is your home or premises without a Police response?


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    False Alarms – The Epidemic

    Back in 2017, Which surveyed 3412 security system owners. 74% had experienced a false alarm and 24% of those had experienced more than one false alarm in the previous year.

    At around the same time, the Metropolitan Police reported that, nationally, 92% of intruder alarm calls were false!

    To address this the National Police Chiefs Council even produced specific guidelines for attending calls from alarms.

    And it’s still a problem because the Met Police’s website information on nuisance noise says

    If the same alarm keeps going off this may qualify as nuisance noise, especially if it goes on for a long time and keeps people up late at night.

    One of the biggest causes of false alarms is security systems that are not functioning properly because they are not on a maintenance package.

    False Alarms – The Implications

    Breaking Police Rules:

    • 2 false calls in a rolling 12 months – Police will write and advise remedial action
    • Failure to take remedial action means loss of Police response

    3 false calls in a a rolling 12 month period means loss of Police response

    What You Need To Know About Monitoring & Maintenance For Your Security System

    If you want to be certain the Police will attend when your alarm is triggered, there is one critical thing you need to have in place. Your security system needs to be covered by a monitoring and maintenance package from a properly approved company. Like Eastern Security Ltd who:

    • have SSAIB approval
    • are registered as compliant with the local Police
    • meet the NPCC policy requirements for Monitored alarm systems
    On the occasional time an emergency call has been requested the response time has been very good indeed.  We would certainly recommend Eastern Security to anyone looking for an alarm system to be installed.
    Elaine and Alan Hicks


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need security system maintenance?

    Regular maintenance of security systems is an essential part of protecting domestic property and commercial premises.  If you want to be certain that your burglar alarm, CCTV cameras or access control will be in full working order when you need it most. That’s annually – or in some cases twice a year.

    How often should CCTV systems be serviced?

    For a home CCTV system, an annual service is usually sufficient. But it’s also a good idea to make your own regular basic checks in between services. Spiders don’t respect your service schedule and can climb up and start rebuilding their web as soon as the engineer has cleaned it away.

    For commercial CCTV systems, it depends on the type of system you operate and your specific requirements. But maintenance should take place at least annually. And, in some cases, servicing every six months or even monthly may be recommended. 

    Are there any other benefits of being a security system maintenance customer?

    Having a security system maintenance contract for your burglar alarm, CCTV or access control has some additional benefits.

    You get priority support. Which means your call will be answered before non-contract customers.

    And you receive a reduced call out fee.

    So, if your security system stops working properly in the middle of the night, you know that someone is on their way as fast as possible. And it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg for an emergency call out.


    How do I find a reputable security system service provider?

    When choosing a security system service provider, it is crucial you select a reputable company with a relevant track record. If you don’t, you’re putting your security in the hands of amateurs and leaving your premises, staff and stock at risk. We hear tales of maintenance providers who don’t answer the phone or don’t turn up for appointments… or charge extra for parts that should be covered by warranty. 

    For a reputable company, look no further than Eastern Security. We are SSAIB approved and have over 25 years of experience in the design and installation of commercial intruder alarm systems. There is no substitute for professional knowledge earned the hard way… through extensive experience!

    And we’re happy to take over most security systems and cover them with a maintenance contract even if we didn’t install them.

    What happens if I need to call you out after hours?

    If you have an Eastern Security maintenance contract and you have a problem with your security system, you can call us any time – day or night, all year round. We will come out and attend site within four hours. You will get priority over any non-maintenance contract calls and there will be a reduced call-out fee.


    Why should I trust Eastern? Do you have any relevant accreditations?

    Yes, we are accredited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) for the design, installation and maintenance of commercial alarm systems. This means that our systems meet the highest standards in the industry and we are regularly audited to make sure they continue to do so. We’ve got a long track record dating back to 1980 as Dependabel and from 2000 as Eastern Security.

    While our testimonials speak for themselves. Very loudly!

    Security System Maintenance And Monitoring

    Eastern Security: making Southend and the whole of Essex a safer place to live

    Eastern Security serves the whole of Essex (and parts of London) from their HQ in Southend-on-Sea, the home of the longest pier in the world!

    This includes Colchester (the oldest town in Britain), Chelmsford (our county town), Basildon (one of the early new towns built in 1949), Rayleigh (with its traditional high street) and Grays (home to Tilbury Docks a major hub for shipping).

    But also prosperous Brentwood, seaside town Clacton on Sea (with a shorter pier) and Canvey Island… the largest island in Essex!

    Essex Police Police have their work cut out…

    …to cover the 1,404 square miles of Essex county. Because the Crimerate website says Essex is the 20th most criminal county in England, Wales & Northern Ireland!

    Basildon suffers the most crime. With Clacton-on-Sea and Harlow following. While Billericay ranks as the safest town followed by Rayleigh then Wickford.

    Isn’t it time you took steps to improve the security of your home or business premises?

    Contact Eastern for a free site survey and tailored security solution to solve your business security issues… within your budget!

    Covering the whole of Essex… and beyond!

    Choosing the right maintenance contract for your alarm system

    To ensure your monitored alarm system complies with Police rules you need to use an approved security company – that means regular inspection and SSAIB or NSI accreditation. Eastern Security Ltd has all the relevant SSAIB accreditation in place and, as a local Southend company, we’re nearby and on call.

    What this means to you:

    • No false alarms from faulty equipment (but, human error is still a factor).
    • Fast response if there is a problem – we’re only a phone call away

    Unlike some companies, we only offer 12 month rolling contracts and do not lock you into 5 year or longer agreements.

    Complete the free site survey form so we can quote you to maintain your security system:


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