Access Control Systems, Southend

Access control systems are not only the front line of physical business defence, but they also play a part in optimising the day to day activity in your company.

Some of the main benefits to your business include:

  • Ease of access around your premises for authorised personnel
  • Control of who comes in and out of the perimeter and specific areas
  • Knowledge of who is in the building and when
  • Stop the entry of unwanted vehicles
  • Keep employees and customers safe from intruders
  • Something missing? Track who went into that room last


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    There are lots of different types of access control and Eastern Security Ltd will hand pick the best system for your commercial premises depending on your specific day to day requirements. You can choose from:

    • Door access audio systems
    • Door access video systems
    • Automated fob/code/swipe card systems
    • Control from a central computer
    • Biometric access control
    • Automatic bollards
    • Electric barriers
    • Automatic gates
    • Roller shutter doors
    • Turnstiles
    • Links to Payroll
    • Links to Fire Roll Call

    Audio Door Intercom Systems – Hear

    These audio only systems allow your staff to hear the visitor through a door intercom system so that their identity can be verified and entry to your business permitted with the press of a button.

    Video Door Entry System – Hear and See

    With the ability to both see and hear your visitor, the video entry system takes your business security to the next level. Especially useful for verifying ID badges before answering to delivery drivers and gas engineers, these systems can help prevent your staff from becoming the victims of a distraction burglary.

    Automated Fob / Code / Swipecard Systems

    Authorised personnel can be given fobs or swipecards that can be individually coded for access to specific areas at specific times. If a fob or swipecard is lost or an employee stops working for you, they can be denied access by deleting them off of the system. These are simple to set up for both new members of staff or authorised visitors. Each piece of equipment can also be linked to Payroll or to Fire Roll Call so you always know who is in the building.

    Biometric Access Control

    Biometric authentication is a new form of access control using human characteristics for identification. It is particularly suitable for buildings with high volumes of traffic and where high security is paramount. These can be added and adapted to any access control system.

    Proximity Reading

    A proximity card or prox card is a “contactless” smart card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device, as required by earlier magnetic stripe cards such as credit cards and “contact” type smart cards.

    The proximity cards are part of the contactless card technologies. Held near an electronic reader for a moment, they enable the identification of an encoded number. The reader usually produces a beep or other sound to indicate the card has been read. Proximity cards typically have a read range up to 50 cm. The card can often be left in a wallet or purse and read by simply holding the wallet or purse near the reader.

    Video Verification

    Video can be integrated into all access control systems such as day, night and infrared. High Definition quality images are displayed which allows you to view your visitors before granting them access to your building.


    Again, personalised swipecards or fobs can be used in conjunction with a turnstile to permit entry or exit from your premises. This precludes the need for walls and doors in your open plan environment.

    Eastern Security have successfully installed turnstiles for a number of commercial retailers.

    Automatic Gates & Barriers

    Automatic gates and barriers provide a wealth of solutions for parking and security issues.

    • Offices and retail – control parking, allow essential workers in, easy access for deliveries – provide a code so no need to rely on others closing up after they leave. Your gates will automatically close.
    • Schools – control car parking so staff can get a parking spot; safeguard children by keeping unauthorised vehicles and their occupants out!

    By issuing your code or fob to the relevant people, there’s no need to open up when a courier arrives out of hours.

    Also, if a member of staff leaves under a cloud, the expense of changing all the locks is avoided. Delete their fob from the system or simply create a new code and your ex-employee is immediately denied access!

    Access Systems, Southend

    Eastern Security ensures that the school has appropriate security protection equipment in place and their maintenance team has always responded quickly when we have sought assistance. We have enjoyed an attentive and personal service from Eastern Security’s administrative team for several years, and have found the firm’s pricing to be competitive.

    Simon Caink

    Business Manager, Southend High School for Girls Academy Trust

    Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd to install your access control systems

    Over the last two decades, we’ve built great relationships with our customers by continuing to provide an expert service that’s competitively priced.

    • Up to date, industry-approved technology
    • Local company with over 25 years of experience
    • Versatile systems designed to grow with your business
    • No mess installation
    • We offer a 12 month full warranty on parts and labour
    • Key holder service available
    • We offer maintenance contracts that give you peace of mind, knowing that an engineer is only ever a phone call away.

    To find out how access control could improve security at your business premises, please complete the form to book your free site survey


      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.