Door Entry Systems, Southend

Home entry systems can be used for all types of house AND apartments in a block of flats. They allow you to talk to or see people before opening your door.

And, with a smart intercom system, you can view them from the comfort of your sofa. So you don’t have to get up for annoying salesmen or worry about late night visitors.

These intercom entry systems give you peace of mind that you home is secure, leaving you to relax in comfort.

It’s not just security that they offer either, ease of access is also taken care of. Proximity readers give you the ability to enter or grant access to your home without the fuss of keys.

Older residents can take advantage of the timed access. This means they can set a specific time for the door to be unlocked. And carers can gain entrance – without the person inside having to get up or provide a key to the property.


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    The specific features that door entry systems have vary, depending on what you need them for. The main systems offered are:

    Audio Door Intercom Systems – Hear

    These audio only systems allow you to hear the visitor through a door intercom system so that you can verify their identity and allow them entry to your home at the press of a button.

    Video Door Entry System – Hear and See

    With the ability to both see and hear your visitor, the video entry system takes your home security to the next level. Especially useful for verifying ID badges before answering to delivery drivers and gas engineers, these systems can prevent you becoming the victim of a distraction burglary.

    Door Entry Systems for homes in rented apartment blocks

    Landlords can also take advantage of this modern technology, it’s great for shared buildings / apartment blocks. A common trick by fraudsters is to buzz hear-only systems and pretend to be a delivery man for another resident. With the ability to see the caller as well, easy visual verification makes life much more secure for everyone in the building.

    Door Intercoms that suit your home decor

    With each of these access control appliances, quality in design is very important. The intercom panel is going to be on the front of your home, which is why we install only top quality products which are aesthetically pleasing, whilst still offering maximum protection.

    Once you’ve chosen the alarm system you’d prefer, then it’s time to choose a trustworthy and professional installer.

    Standalone systems or integrations

    Security solutions like intercom entry systems can be standalone for individual doors and automatic gates.

    Or they can be integrated with an existing security system like CCTV cameras to grant access.

    It’s all down to your specific requirements. And whether you are a homeowner or managing security for commercial properties.

    Video Door Entry System, Southend

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What's the difference between access control and a door entry system?

    Access control can cover a whole variety of security from automated gates and bollards for vehicles to time and attendance for employees. As the name suggests, a Door Entry System can be a standalone installation for an individual front door. Or even automatic gates to prevent strangers from coming onto your property at all.

    Do I need a door entry system for my house or apartment block?

    A home door entry system is a great security solution if:

    • you don’t want to protect your home from distraction burglars;
    • you want to know who is at the door before you open it;
    • you want to be able to let visitors in without having to get up;
    • you get irritated having to stop what you’re doing and answer the door to cold callers.

    It can be installed as a stand alone intercom system or integrated with other ways to control the entrance of visitors to your property – like your alarm or CCTV.

    How much do door entry systems in Essex cost?

    It depends. Do you need audio visual or just audio intercom systems?
    Do you want an intercom system or a proximity card reader?
    Do you want a standalone or integrated installation?
    If you choose an installer who is on the other side of Essex to your property, they may charge for travelling to your job.

    As security experts, we always do a site survey to make sure we are fitting the best access control system for your specific needs.

    Do you offer a maintenance package for door entry systems?

    Yes we do. Our maintenance package includes a visual inspection, cleaning the component parts, checking the power and making sure that the software is up to date.

    Do you offer a maintenance service for business alarm systems?

    Yes, we offer a comprehensive maintenance service for all our commercial alarm systems. Our team of experienced engineers is on hand to deal with any technical issues you may have, and we’ll try to fix them on the same day. If humanly possible, we will! We also offer a 24/7 monitoring service so you can be confident that your business is protected around the clock.

    How often will a door entry system require a service?

    We recommended maintenance services for intercom systems or proximity readers at least once a year.

    It can be really irritating if visitors or deliveries are waiting outside unable to contact the people inside the house! Because of a loose wire or out of date software issue.

    Do you offer a warranty on door entry equipment?

    Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty on all our door entry equipment. This covers all parts and labour, so you can be confident that your system is protected.


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      Eastern Security: making Southend and the whole of Essex a safer place to live

      Eastern Security serves the whole of Essex (and parts of London) from their HQ in Southend-on-Sea, the home of the longest pier in the world!

      This includes Colchester (the oldest town in Britain), Chelmsford (our county town), Basildon (one of the early new towns built in 1949), Rayleigh (with its traditional high street) and Grays (home to Tilbury Docks a major hub for shipping).

      But also prosperous Brentwood, seaside town Clacton on Sea (with a shorter pier) and Canvey Island… the largest island in Essex!

      Essex Police Police have their work cut out…

      …to cover the 1,404 square miles of Essex county. Because the Crimerate website says Essex is the 20th most criminal county in England, Wales & Northern Ireland!

      Basildon suffers the most crime. With Clacton-on-Sea and Harlow following. While Billericay ranks as the safest town followed by Rayleigh then Wickford.

      Isn’t it time you took steps to improve the security of your home or business premises?

      Contact Eastern for a free site survey and tailored security solution to solve your business security issues… within your budget!

      Covering the whole of Essex… and beyond!

      Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd for your Essex door entry systems

      Eastern Security Ltd is a trustworthy, local, Southend-based security company. We have decades of experience installing door entry systems in Essex.

      Whether you want a stand alone intercom for your home or apartment. Or an integrated access control installation for your business premises. It will be tailored precisely to your property’s needs and your budget.

      • Local company with over 25 years of experience
      • Versatile systems designed to grow with your home
      • Up to date, industry-approved technology
      • No mess installation
      • No commission-based sales team
      • We offer a full warranty on parts and labour for the first year
      • Maintenance contracts available

      To ask a question, or book a free home security survey, simply fill in the form.


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