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Even the best commercial CCTV systems (now known as Video Surveillance Systems) could let you down when you need them… If you don’t choose the right installer. But it gets worse…

if your business CCTV cameras are pointing at the wrong place, your CCTV solution could even be illegal.

To be sure that your CCTV cameras will:

  • Deter criminals;
  • Help the police capture your burglar;
  • Monitor your business 24/7 to keep out unwanted visitors;
  • Give you complete peace of mind – even when you are not on the premises;
  • Produce images that are as good at night as they are in the day time…

You should get them installed and maintained by an SSAIB accredited company. Like Eastern Security.

From our base here in the City of Southend-on-Sea, Essex, we can provide CCTV security or video surveillance systems for commercial premises across the county.


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    How Much Is A CCTV/Video Surveillance Installation For A Business?

    Our Commercial CCTV Installation Starter Pack starts at £705+VAT. Your video surveillance system starter package will include:

    2 x HD CCTV cameras
    1 x 4 channel 1TB hard drive DVR
    Set up of a mobile device to view CCTV remotely
    3 year warranty on parts
    12 month warranty on labour

    The CCTV footage from your video recorder can be displayed on your TV or spare monitor. If the system and wiring is installed close enough to reach. Otherwise, you can have a dedicated 20″ monitor at an extra cost of £120.00+VAT

    These prices only act as a guideline. They are based on unhindered cable runs that are surface clipped externally/internally and through clear loft spaces. No provision has been made for the installation of containment such as conduit or plastic trunking. Your video surveillance system installation may require containment which will incur extra material and labour costs. These will be discussed during your free home survey.

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    Ask about our integrated burglar alarm and Commercial CCTV package. That way, if you do receive a notification of an alarm activation, you can check what is happening on the CCTV app on your mobile phone – even if you’re half way across the globe. Combined with a monitoring package, you get complete protection. And can be secure in the knowledge that, if there is a problem, your commercial premises is being looked after.

    Wouldn’t you prefer to have the professionals confronting the intruder than a member of your staff? Eastern also offer Key Holder Services.

    We have used Eastern Security at our sites for several years and have always been very happy with the quality of the systems, installations and their friendly, helpful staff. Any issues that arise are always dealt with quickly and efficiently and servicing is conducted discreetly so our customers are not disturbed.

    Stellisons, Ipswich

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do I need a commercial CCTV installation for my premises?

    While there is no legal requirement to have a CCTV system, many businesses find them to be a valuable security measure. Video surveillance can protect your staff and stock from break-ins, vandalism and business disruption. Because they can alert you to an issue before it becomes a problem. If you have any concerns about crime in or around your business premises, a commercial CCTV system may be right for you. Eastern’s free site survey allows us to tailor the positioning of your CCTV cameras to the specific needs of your business – covering the unique weaknesses of your building.

    Which Business CCTV Solution should I buy?

    A CCTV system is a network of cameras and other devices that capture footage of an area. The footage is then stored on a video recorder or server or cloud-based storage system and can be accessed by authorized users. There are lots of different types of CCTV security systems – providing levels of video surveillance ranging from simple to complex.

    And a lot of different types of security camera, including bullet and dome CCTV Cameras. Some provide high definition images. Some have a pan tilt zoom option or come with video analytics. Others are day night cameras. Still more can work with low light or have a wide field of view.

    There are also external cameras that are weather proof and can read car registration plates or zoom in on intruders faces or operate with night vision or can be programmed to detect movement or heat. And internal cameras that don’t need to be so resilient to the elements.

    Each security camera can be wired to your network via Ethernet cables or wireless – using your Wi-Fi connection. Or you can have a hybrid system that uses both – allowing coverage of vulnerable or less accessible areas or where there is a poor Wi-Fi connection.

    There are also numerous brands that manufacture CCTV systems offering a variety of features ad price points to choose from. If you partner with an accredited expert like Eastern Security, you know that you’ll get professional advice on the best system for your unique commercial situation.

    One thing is certain with CCTV surveillance systems. It’s vital to get a site survey from an accredited professional. To ensure you get the most cost effective security solution for your business premises. But still providing the coverage you need.



    What are the regulations or legal requirements for Commercial CCTV cameras?

    There are no specific legal requirements for installing a CCTV system, but there are some general privacy laws that you should be aware of – GDPR. Your company will need to register with the Information Commissioners Office. They have a great checklist for installing commercial cameras or video surveillance here.

    Using an SSAIB-accredited CCTV installer like Eastern Security is also a must. They will help you with the positioning of the cameras so you stay within the rules.

    What are some of the most common problems with Commercial CCTV systems?

    The most common problems with Commercial CCTV Systems include poor image quality, unreliable recordings, and difficulty accessing footage. These problems can often be resolved by working with a qualified installer.

    When choosing a commercial CCTV system installer, it is crucial you select a reputable company with a relevant track record. If you don’t, you’re putting your security in the hands of amateurs and leaving your premises, staff and stock at risk. You might as well have bought the equipment off the internet and asked the bloke in the pub to fit it.

    For a reputable company, look no further than Eastern Security. We are SSAIB approved and have over 25 years of experience in the design and installation of commercial  CCTV systems. There is no substitute for professional knowledge earned the hard way… through extensive experience!

    Do you offer a CCTV maintenance contract?

    Yes, we offer a comprehensive CCTV maintenance service for all our commercial CCTV systems. We are also happy to take over video surveillance systems that we didn’t originally install.

    Our team of experienced engineers is on hand to deal with any technical issues you may have, and we’ll try to fix them on the same day. If humanly possible, we will! We also offer a 24/7 monitoring service so you can be confident that your business is protected around the clock.

    What happens if my Commercial CCTV System spots intruders?

    Long gone are the days of automatic Police response.

    If your commercial CCTV system goes off, our 24/7 monitoring service will confirm whether it is a genuine alarm. If so, they will contact the emergency services and your designated keyholder. If you don’t have a monitoring contract, your keyholders will have to deal with the event. Genuine or false! This can be extremely traumatic at worst OR an inconvenience at best.

    Do you offer a warranty for Commercial CCTV camera systems?

    Yes, we offer 3 year warranty on parts and 12 month warranty on labour for Eastern commercial CCTV camera systems. So you can be confident that your security cameras are protected.

    Can you design a bespoke Commercial CCTV installation for my premises?

    Yes, we offer a tailored design service for all our customers requiring a Commercial CCTV system. We will work with you to understand your specific security and video surveillance needs… that’s why we always do a free site survey. So we can assess your premises and make sure that the business security system we design is the best possible solution for you.

    Why should I trust Eastern? Do you have any relevant accreditations for Commercial CCTV Systems?

    Yes, we are accredited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board) for the design, installation and maintenance of Commercial CCTV Systems. This means that any CCTV or video surveillance solution we install for your business will meet the highest standards in the industry. And we are regularly audited to make sure they continue to do so. We’ve got a long track record for installing cctv cameras in Southend and across the county of Essex. Dating back to 1980 as Dependabel and from 2000 as Eastern Security.

    While our testimonials speak for themselves. Very loudly!


      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      Our CCTV surveillance systems can offer you a range of features to suit your security needs. These include:

      HD CCTV

      High Definition or HD CCTV cameras provide better quality images. And allow you to see in much greater detail than the old analogue CCTV equipment. HD Cameras are part of a higher quality video surveillance solution. They help you to pick out the specific features of an intruder which can help the police to identify and prosecute them.

      Network IP CCTV Cameras

      Internet Protocol or IP Cameras are different from analogue or HD CCTV Cameras. 

      CCTV cameras convert the signal into a format that can be used by televisions, monitors or digital video recorders and are directly connected to these. The video recorders deal with the compression and storage.

      An IP Camera captures the image in much the same way. But then it compresses the files into IP packets. These can be transmitted over the internet or data network to a network video recorder or server. Does that mean IP Cameras need to be connected to the internet? No, all that is required is a connection to your local area network. 


      Automatic Number Plate Readers (ANPR)

      Even night vision CCTV cameras have problems with plate recognition. They struggle to see number plates at night because they reflect the infrared light in a way that obscures the information on the plate. For places like car parks, ANPR cameras can provide a special filter to avoid this issue helping the Police to identify the vehicles used in any crime. This often leads them to the thieves.

      Indoor and Outdoor Security Cameras

      You need to ensure that the right camera types are used for indoor and outdoor business CCTV equipment. Not all CCTV cameras are weather proof!

      Vandal resistant camera systems

      As mentioned previously, there are different camera types. Not just bullet, dome, pan tilt zoom or indoor and outdoor. If your business is located in an area that is at risk from vandals, your security assessment should ensure your camera system is designed to be more durable.

      Wired vs Wireless CCTV Systems

      Analogue CCTV cameras have to be connected to a power source. And analogue CCTV systems have their own cabling with each camera having to be wired back to the DVR (digital video recorder) or monitor with a Video Signal Cable. The new IP CCTV Systems may provide the ideal solution for business owners who want wireless CCTV.

      Mobile Viewing

      Our Commercial CCTV Camera Systems can be linked to an app on your mobile phone. This means that, wherever you are in the world, you can see what is happening at your premises. If you receive an alarm activation notification by text, you can view the footage from your security cameras on your app. And decide what happens next.

      Don’t want to have to make that security assessment? If you have a monitoring contract, a monitoring station (alarm receiving centre) can access your video surveillance system remotely and decide what action to take. Allowing you to watch your key holder, your security guards or the Police deal with the incident.

      To have the Police attend your property, you need to have a maintenance contract and a monitoring package with an approved supplier, such as Eastern.

      Who is watching me… signage

      GDPR (Data protection law) requires that the public is aware of any Commercial CCTV Systems. You need to ensure that your business CCTV displays the correct signage.  So members of the public know they are on camera. And can use the unique ref number printed on it to look up your designated contact details.

      Integrating your CCTV and Intruder security systems…

      We also offer integrated alarm and video surveillance packages. Combining your commercial CCTV system with our burglar alarm systems for business allows you to deal with alarm activations by opening the CCTV app on your mobile phone. You can see what is happening – even if you’re on the other side of the world!

      Cctv Systems, Southend

      Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd for your commercial CCTV system

      • SSAIB approved for commercial CCTV Systems
      • Up to date, industry-approved video surveillance technology
      • Local company based in Southend, Essex
      • Over 25 years of experience
      • Versatile systems designed to grow with your home
      • No mess installation
      • Not commission based sales team
      • For commercial CCTV systems we offer a full warranty – 3 years on parts and 12 months on labour
      • Key holder service available

      Book Your Free Security Survey

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        We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

        Eastern Security: making Southend and the whole of Essex a safer place to live

        Eastern Security serves the whole of Essex (and parts of London) from their HQ in Southend-on-Sea, the home of the longest pier in the world!

        This includes Colchester (the oldest town in Britain), Chelmsford (our county town), Basildon (one of the early new towns built in 1949), Rayleigh (with its traditional high street) and Grays (home to Tilbury Docks a major hub for shipping).

        But also prosperous Brentwood, seaside town Clacton on Sea (with a shorter pier) and Canvey Island… the largest island in Essex!

        Essex Police Police have their work cut out…

        …to cover the 1,404 square miles of Essex county. Because the Crimerate website says Essex is the 20th most criminal county in England, Wales & Northern Ireland!

        Basildon suffers the most crime. With Clacton-on-Sea and Harlow following. While Billericay ranks as the safest town followed by Rayleigh then Wickford.

        Isn’t it time you took steps to improve the security of your home or business premises?

        Contact Eastern for a free site survey and tailored security solution to solve your business security issues… within your budget!

        Covering the whole of Essex… and beyond!