Security System Monitoring, Southend

Eastern Security offers a high-quality alarm monitoring service through our partner Southern Monitoring. This service is completely compliant with Police rules, meaning they will attend should your alarm be triggered. In brief, compliant with Police rules means:

  • Approved for installation and maintenance of Burglar Alarms and CCTV
  • Monitoring service from Southern, who are NSI Gold approved
  • Registered with the local Police – a URN (unique reference number) is provided

The Police will not recommend specific companies but advise that you should use approved suppliers. To check a security company is approved you need to visit the SSAIB and NSI websites – we encourage you to do this.


Police Rules – will they respond to my alarm?

The MET report that nationally 92% of intruder alarm calls are false!

To ensure they respond to only genuine calls, the Police force work to strict rules created by the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

First, they categorise alarms into two types:

  1. Remote signalling (monitored) alarms worthy of automatic response
  2. and the rest:
    • Audible only alarms
    • Hybrid alarms – audible and automatic dialling
    • Alarms from non-compliant companies or monitoring stations

Type A alarms are installed, maintained and monitored by approved companies. The Police will respond with the assumption that a crime is taking place.

Type B alarms have no guarantee of Police response! To attend, the Police require supporting evidence of a crime taking place – a call from a member of the public at the scene.

Second, they look at the number of false alarms from a particular property.

False Alarms – The Implications

Breaking Police Rules:

  • 2 false calls in a rolling 12 months – the Police will write and advise remedial action
  • Failureto take remedial action means loss of Police response

3 false calls in a rolling 12 month period means loss of Police response

I would like to say that all the engineers at Eastern Security are always so helpful, nothing is too much trouble, that goes for the staff at the end of the telephone too, always friendly and professional. Completely satisfied after all my dealings with the company, thank you so much.

Sue Redgwell

Great Burstead

Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd for your monitoring contract

If you want the Police to attend when your alarm is triggered, you need to use approved, compliant companies to install, maintain and monitor your system.

The good news is Eastern Security Ltd comply with Police policy across the board for maintenance and monitoring through their accreditation with SSAIB.

We also meet the ACPO policy requirements for Monitored alarm systems

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