As the New Year continues in Southend-on-Sea, some of us are still trying to stick to resolutions. If the thought of another green salad or gym session is too much, here are some tips for home security habits that are easy to stick to!


1. Home security hack – watch your back!

And your side too. Doors, we mean. Even families that all faithfully lock the front door sometimes forget to check other entrances. First, ensure every door locks securely. Get specialist locks on patio doors and make sure they’re up to the standard your insurer requires.

Second, make it a habit to check every one of them before leaving the house empty. Back and side doors are targeted by burglars as they’re usually tucked away so they have less chance of being seen. Don’t make it easy for them!


2. Don’t display, put it away

Thieves know homes are full of lovely new things from Christmas. Build a family habit of not leaving valuables out on floors or tables where they can be seen from outside. Laptops, tablets, mobiles and games consoles are all attention grabbers to a passing robber on the lookout. Draw curtains at dusk to keep prying eyes away.

The same goes for outside. Don’t leave bicycles, hoverboards or sports equipment in the garden unsecured. Get a good lock on your shed or chain them to something solid and cover them.


3. Window do’s and don’ts

Make a routine of closing and locking every window before you leave the house. Even the smallest gap can allow a burglar to use the tools of his rotten trade. From there he’ll either be able to open the window and get himself in or reach in and steal smaller items. A purse or wallet, jewellery, car keys… they fit through a tiny gap but leave a massive hole in your life.

You also need to check upstairs windows as a matter of habit. Robbers will clamber on and climb anything they can to reach above the ground floor and gain access. Even loft conversions can be reached by a determined thief!


4. Don’t let him get away on your getaway

If you’re lucky enough to have a trip booked, don’t advertise your empty house on Social Media. Be careful what you and your family post about before and during your break. Ask a trusted neighbour to watch out for free newspapers or leaflets that might start to pile up. Check you don’t have any parcels due or give the courier instructions to deliver elsewhere.

Think about installing timers for some lights and a radio or two. The more it looks like your normal routine, the better. If you have smart switches you could turn things on and off from your phone but that’s not exactly a relaxing break!


5. Make home security easy

By far the best resolution you can make for your home security is to invest in a professional burglar alarm system. The peace of mind that comes from knowing your home and family are protected is priceless. We realise this is an expensive time of year but don’t be tempted by a DIY job, they’re just not good enough to keep burglars out.

Eastern can design an alarm system that suits your personal needs and your budget. We offer everything from starter alarms to pet friendly alarm systems controlled by your smartphone and linked to CCTV!

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