Home CCTV system Leigh-on-Sea

Security survey… site survey… for a home CCTV camera system it all sounded a bit over the top! All I wanted was to keep my little home and family safe. I remember thinking…

Would there be a strange bloke in muddy boots and hi-vis clomping round my house?

Would he be setting up a tripod to take pictures and measurements like you see on the roads?

Was it all going to cost a King’s Ransom? My name is Megan and I am married to a Harry but we live in Leigh-on-Sea, not Kensington!

Once the kids were in bed I looked online for local CCTV companies and found one I liked with good reviews. As it was evening I filled in a quick form for them to call me back…

A good start

A day or so later, a lady rang me from Eastern’s office. I told her I had no idea how any of this worked and blurted out my fears. She was very patient and explained that their engineer would be in uniform so I could identify him, and certainly wouldn’t have muddy boots!

I was pleased that I had a way to verify who I was letting in as Harry was due to be away for work. That was just one of the reasons we wanted to increase our home security. To reassure me even more, the lady also told me all their engineers were DBS checked.

With my mind now totally at ease, we made an appointment for the survey.

What really happens during a survey for a home CCTV camera system!

I’d booked a slot for when my toddler would normally be having her nap and the engineer turned up exactly as arranged. He was friendly and professional. We talked about what I wanted from a home security solution then I showed him around the inside and exterior of the house. Not a tripod to be seen!

He was very respectful of our home – and the sleeping toddler – as we went round and he made his notes. I was really impressed by his knowledge and experience. He obviously knew his stuff but didn’t blind me with science or make me feel dim! He asked relevant questions and explained everything in plain language. He also highlighted vulnerable areas that I hadn’t thought about.

I’d done a bit of research (as you do!) and asked about 360 cameras. He said they were great, but really for business premises as they were very visible in the centre of a room and needed to be manually adjusted.

The new modern CCTV cameras for home use were focused on one point and used an app to zoom out for the wider area or in for more detail. I’m never without my phone and Harry loves a bit of tech so this sounded brilliant!

Don’t be scared of a survey

Shortly after that we received our personalised quote and I was able to show Harry where each camera would go. He agreed it was just what we needed to top up our security and I called Eastern to book an installation date. There was no hard-selling, no pushiness and no problem!

We’re going to get our alarm maintenance taken over now, and have it monitored for complete peace of mind. Police will only respond to monitored alarms that are maintained by accredited companies and Eastern have it covered with their SSAIB badge.

I’m so glad I contacted Eastern. From the first phone call right through to installation they’ve been great. 

Give them a call or fill in your details below and find out for yourself!


Megan XOX


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