Pet Friendly Alarms

Back in May 2019, we were all sad to read an article in the Echo which showed it’s not only humans affected by burglary. In this case, two family dogs in Benfleet were terrified during the raid and still show signs of trauma months afterwards…

It’s heartbreaking to think of a beloved doggy or moggy suffering like that. We know that burglary causes stress, anxiety and depression which can continue long after the event. Humans can at least talk through their fears and worries, no such counselling for our furbabies!

The Benfleet thieves took a car, money and precious possessions. But owners of high value pets also need to think about protecting them from being stolen too. To us they are family but to a criminal they’re just a quick buck.

Burglary is a threat in Essex but you can avoid your home and pets becoming victims. Burglar alarms are the best deterrent and the options aren’t just “on” or “off” anymore. Pet friendly alarms are the latest in home security systems to protect everything you hold dear without confining Buster to his bed!

How do pet friendly alarms work?

Clever Passive Infrared technology means modern sensors can tell the difference between an intruder and your pet.

Now you can safely leave Fido at home without triggering a false alarm when he greets the postman. Even the fluffiest feline can pad about looking for the best spot for a catnap. At night you can set zones so your home is protected but your family and pets can still roam freely.┬áIt’s animal magic!

Learn more about how pet friendly alarm systems defend your home, and pets, here. Whatever the size of your furry, feathered or even scaly friend, Eastern can design a pet friendly alarm system to suit you.

Keep them safe when you’re not there as well as protecting your home and possessions. Fill out the form below to get a callback from an expert!


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