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How much do you worry about protecting your home from intruders and burglary? You and your partner work hard to afford your house. It contains all your personal belongings, some expensive and others with sentimental value that can never be replaced. Then there’s all the tech – smartphones, tablets, laptops and entertainment centres – your family enjoys.

Then one day you come home and find that your dream home has been ransacked. A door or window has been broken into and any items the burglars didn’t snatch are just strewn everywhere. You thought you lived in a nice area where burglary would be the least of your worries. This invasion of your privacy and theft of your valuables has shaken you and your family. Panic, anger and anxiety set in. Even worse is the guilt nagging at you “What could I have done to prevent this?!”

Robbery and Theft on the increase 

The first Crime Survey for England and Wales to use a full 12 months of date since the COVID 19 pandemic covered the 12 months to September 2022.

Compared to the year before COVID (to March 2020), the Office of National Statistics reported

  • a 30% decrease in domestic burglaries;
  • a 20% decrease in theft; and
  • a 21% decrease in robbery.

BUT…  across England and Walesthere were still over 400,000 domestic burglaries, 2.6 million incidents of theft and 70,881 incidents of robbery!

CCTV cameras to monitor your home, your premises, your car and other external valuables are still an essential tool in the fight against crime.

Especially if you want to stop YOUR property from becoming one of those burglaries.

Robbery vs Burglary – What’s the difference?

Both are THEFT. But in a ROBBERY a victim MUST be present and will have something valuable stolen by intimidation, force or threat. Robberies can take place anywhere, not just in your home. A BURGLARY is the unlawful entry into any structure (business, home, garage, shed) at any time of day with the intent to steal property. A victim does not have to be present.

Scotland Yard estimates that it solves only 5.5 percent of its burglary cases. That’s not surprising given the volume of cases and the limited resources of the police. Sadly though, it means that criminals have little deterrent from breaking into your home and stealing your possessions.

Protecting your home and family

Safeguarding your home includes educating yourself and your family about three types of burglary and what you can do to prevent each type.

1. Distraction burglary

Burglars who use the distraction method take advantage of your trusting nature. Many strangers who come to your front door unannounced are genuine. Some, however, could be impostors who present themselves as being from the council, the electric company or the police. They will trick you by wearing clothes that fit the part. Even salesmen or workers offering to make repairs could be a burglar creating a distraction so his partner can enter your home and steal your valuables. As a precaution, ask unannounced callers to your house to show photographic identification. Verify with a phone call or some other method quickly as the visitor waits outside on the other side of the door.

Secure Your Home Cta 2

2. Opportunistic burglary

The opportunist burglars do not plan or have any pre-meditation. This burglar acts when the timing seems the best and the opportunity presents itself. After entering, they grab a few things to sell on the black market and make fast money. Since these types of burglars are not skilled in the art of breaking in, they waste little time trying to break into a home they see as vulnerable. Therefore, a house with a visible alarm is less likely to get hit than a home with no security measures at all!

3. Targeted burglary

Burglars also can target your particular property. These criminals plan the entire break in because they know there are valuable items in your home. They could know this by noticing the boxes left in or beside your rubbish and recycling bins. Your posts on social media, such as those about recent high-value purchases or upcoming trips and holidays can also attract a burglar’s attention. Opportunistic burglars will peek through your windows for easy pickings in plain sight. Typical items targeted include cash, jewellery and electronics, such as your laptops, tablets and TV.

What you can do

As a homeowner, you can deter burglars by investing in security measures. A Crime Survey of England and Wales found that “homes with no or low-level security have 7 times and 75 percent, respectively, more burglaries than homes with high-level security.” Who will a burglar choose: your house with no visible security measures or your neighbour’s if he has invested in some and shown it’s protected?

Don’t take the risk – Choose a professional installer

The only way to be sure that your home is properly protected with a security system that lasts for years to come is by choosing a professional installer.

Eastern security are SSAIB certified, a well known and respected accreditation within the security industry and by the Police, Fire Brigade and insurance companies.

Our home alarm systems start from just £650, and can be tailored exactly to your family’s needs including pet friendly options!

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