Catch And Prosecute Vandals With Hd Cctv

Has your home or business fallen victim to vandalism recently?

Are you sick and tired of finding graffiti on your garage or shutter doors?

Are you feeling intimidated and personally threatened?

Are you desperate for a way to catch these people for good and get the Police involved?

Well then, you’re reading the right article…

Say NO to vandalism!

They may be teenagers with nothing better to do. Or, perhaps an ex-employee with a personal vendetta. All you know is, your property is being damaged and you’re sick of it!

No amount of soapy water will scrub off the paint and, even if it does, it’s only a matter of days until the next load of ‘art work‘ has been freshly sprayed.

The lights and decorations outside have been broken or stolen? It means nothing to those criminals but how much time and money is it costing you?

Eastern Security has the answer to your problems…

HD CCTV systems to catch pesky vandals

Security cameras prove to be an extremely effective deterrent against vandals and burglars alike.

Even if the cameras go unnoticed, they are your silent witness – keeping a watchful eye over your home or business 24/7. They see what you can’t!

Modern systems can even be integrated with your alarm system and connected to a mobile app! That means you can check in and achieve peace of mind from the palm of your hand – anywhere in the world.

But, not any CCTV system will do. Certainly not anything you can buy online and install yourself. Don’t fall into that trap. It’s easily done…

Not convinced? Absorb the following:

Some jobs are better left to the professionals…

We can’t stress this part enough.

Yes. It is possible to buy some cheap kit online and install it yourself. But if you choose that option, you need to be prepared to encounter any of the following issues:

  • Non GDPR compliance
    • your footage can’t be used in legal proceedings
    • you’re at risk of large fines or being sued
  • Cheap, budget systems
    • faulty parts
    • frequent malfunctions
  • Poor DIY installation
    • the cameras aren’t set up in prime location
    • lack of experience means settings cannot be optimised
    • blurry footage which cannot be used by Police
    • no servicing contract or professional installer to contact when things go wrong
  • Criminals know you took the cheap option
    • they can see that a system is set up incorrectly
    • they target your property

…to name a few.

A professional installer with years of industry knowledge knows how to combat all of these problems. Not to mention, he does all the hard work while you put your feet up!

A professionally installed camera will capture footage that can be used by the Police. In the example below, a nearby CCTV camera caught HD footage of a balaclava-clad hooligan, moments after they committed a crime that caused outrage in London…

HD CCTV helping Police in memorial paint vandal case

In 2019, white paint was splashed over the five statues at the Bomber Command memorial in Central London.

A quote from a recent article captures the thoughts of Britain’s last surviving Dambuster…

“How disrespectful to the nearly 58,000 people who gave their lives so that these thugs have the freedom to carry out such acts? I hope they are caught soon, and suitably punished.”

The HD CCTV footage gave the Police a lead which meant they had a better chance of catching him and serving him a healthy dose of justice!

Eastern’s HD CCTV Installation in Southend & Essex

Eastern Security has been safeguarding homes and commercial properties in Essex for decades.

Our SSAIB certification means we only install reliable, high quality HD CCTV systems that will continue to protect your property for years to come.

We don’t offer ‘out of the box’ solutions. Instead, we offer a free survey where our engineers will assess the size and layout of your property so we can quote you on a bespoke system – tailored to your needs.

Simply fill out the form below to ask us a question or request a free quote. We’ll get back to you ASAP!


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