Door Entry Systems

Let The Right One In is a creepy film. But it shouldn’t be a horror story to let the right people into your business. And you definitely need to keep the wrong people out! Modern access control can do even more than this…

How many of the following benefits would make your life easier?

Access. Your flexible friend!

Ok, it’s a line from an old TV advert but it’s still true! Access control systems can be set up to suit your business needs. You can:

  • Restrict certain areas for safety reasons. So no untrained staff can wander near dangerous machinery!
  • Keep your finance office secure and off limits to anyone that shouldn’t be there
  • Allow reception staff to see visitors before letting them into the building

This kind of security makes staff and visitors feel looked after and happy. And happy staff are always better for business!

Link your systems

If you have a suitable fire alarm system, you can integrate your new access control system. Have you ever had a fire alarm go off and tried to read a signing in book at the muster point? Desperately trying to decipher names and count heads in the cold? Not any more! Now you can get a list of people on site in an emergency, instantly!

You can also integrate your time and attendance records. Automatically recorded work hours make payroll a piece of cake! Quickly view reports to check staff levels for compliance or see where you have gaps to fill. When managers don’t have to spend time finding this information, they can spend more time on your business!

Stop the space invaders

Access control isn’t just for buildings. Any driver in London and Essex knows how precious parking spaces are! If your spots are being taken up by invaders then bollards or powered gates can put a stop to it. After fighting through rush hour traffic, a clear parking space is a real sight for sore eyes! Prospective clients will appreciate the convenience too.

And it’s a further line of defence – a layer of security surrounding your stock, authorised visitors and staff!

The key to happiness

The key to happiness is… no keys! And no more digging through to find the one that you need for each office. Modern systems mean you can open doors with:

  • A light, plastic card
  • A small fob device that can be carried or worn
  • A code on a keypad
  • A look! Iris recognition isn’t just for Bond movies anymore!

All of these are much more convenient to carry. And if anyone loses one, you simply click a button to remove it from your system. Forget the expense and hassle of changing locks and re-issuing keys. That nightmare is in the past!

Get access to control!

Businesses, schools and public buildings can all enjoy the benefits of modern access control. No matter the size or set-up, Eastern can design a system for your needs.

Our experience, honed over the last 35+ years, means you can be sure of the very best service. Fill your details in below and one of our friendly experts will get back to you to arrange a convenient appointment!



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