Eastern Security regularly gets calls from other Essex security companies’ customers!

Many of them are business owners who are really unhappy.


Because the intruder alarm that was installed at their commercial premises is no longer working properly. And they want to change commercial intruder alarm maintenance provider!

Is it time to change commercial intruder alarm maintenance provider?

Here are a few of the reasons why you know your intruder alarm system maintenance isn’t working properly…

When your staff try to lock up for the night, they can’t set the alarm system…

False alarms in the night or at weekends mean that staff and keyholders are regularly getting called back to the premises…

Your residential neighbours are complaining because the burglar alarm at your premises keeps going off in the middle of the night!

When you call your current maintenance provider to get help… no one calls you back!

And so the vicious cycle continues.

Every time there is a false alarm, you have to pay for overtime and keyholder call outs.

It’s an expensive waste of time for any business!

Change Commercial Intruder Alarm Maintenance Provider 3

But there are two problems here:

1. No maintenance plan. Some security companies don’t offer a maintenance plan.
2. Poor fulfilment of your maintenance plan. If there is a maintenance plan in place, is what you are paying for being carried out correctly… or at all!? System errors and false alarms are often caused by faulty sensors. They may not have been cleaned during the most recent service because they are the furthest away from the control panel… Or it may be that they should have been replaced because they are old or damaged.

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How often should an Intruder Alarm System be serviced?

An alarm system is like any other piece of equipment – it needs at least an annual dollop of TLC to be sure it will work when you need it most.

Having said that, some insurance companies insist on two services each year to fulfil on their policy. Make sure you read the small print on your policy.

And if you want Police Response, your system needs to be regularly maintained by an accredited security company…

What should happen in an Intruder Alarm Maintenance visit?

• Checking mains power supply and backup battery – including its charging rate.
• Checking and testing sensors in every location to ensure each works as it should.
• For wireless alarm systems, the battery for each sensor is also tested.
• Checking alarm signalling equipment for systems with remote/police monitoring if installed.
• Check voltages, charging voltages and battery output – electronic test the battery as well.

If you’re getting regular errors or false alarms, it’s time to get your alarm system the TLC it needs. But many business owners don’t seek an alternative… because they think it will be difficult to switch.


Changing to a new Burglar Alarm Maintenance Provider

It’s easy!

As a maintenance customer, you get priority over calls from alarm systems that we don’t service regularly.

And you pay less for any emergency call-out charges.

Plus we’re available 24/7 if your intruder alarm does need some extra TLC.

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