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Back in April 2019 we were all eagerly anticipating the beginning of the end of Game of Thrones! The epic saga had gripped us for eleven years and Season 8 promised to be the best yet. Little did we know of the disappointment that fans would feel a few weeks later.

At Eastern Security we were more concerned with how the people of Westeros could better defend their titles with security systems! Follow Eastern as we secure the houses of Westeros…

Defend The Wall With CCTV!

The Knights Watch needed a big recruitment drive early on. It takes a lot of men wearing black to guard 300 miles of ice wall.

That seems a bit over the top to us. We’d have installed a system of CCTV cameras to watch out for wildlings and white walkers beyond the wall. That would let the men take wives, own land and have children in peace!

With an app to watch live or recorded footage, they could secure their seat on the sofa and let their watch begin for Season 8!

Daenerys Dragon-friendly Alarm System

Mother of Dragons, breaker of chains and as we now know, Auntie to Jon Snow! She’s a busy lady with a big family to keep track of.

She needs a smart alarm system that’s controlled using an app on her smartphone or tablet. Notifications would let her know whether it was the Dothraki or the Unsullied that set the alarm off!

A pet friendly system would even let the dragons fly free while she’s at the hairdressers having her complicated plaits done!

Jon Snow, Leave It To The Professionals

Strong, brooding and handsome but famously knows nothing! Which just goes to show, even Commanders of the Watch need to call on the experts sometimes

We’d send one of our friendly professionals to see him and design something perfect for his needs. He wouldn’t even have to bend the knee! Our engineers would do a free security survey with a personalised quote to keep the Night King at bay.

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