Cctv Maintenance Near Me In Essex

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television and it’s a system of cameras that watch over places like blocks of flats schools, factories, dentists, care homes, businesses and even your home to keep everyone safe. Think superheroes keeping an eye on their city: CCTV cameras help us stay protected!

However, even superheroes need help sometimes. That’s where CCTV maintenance by accredited professionals come in.

These are people who have special training to work on CCTV systems. They are like the trusty sidekicks of your security camera superheroes. The Robin to their Batman!

Here’s why it’s critical to have these pros check your cameras:

Keep Your Cameras Running Smoothly:
CCTV cameras need to be serviced regularly to make sure they stay in tip-top shape. A pro can spot small issues before they become big problems.

Example: If a camera’s wires are loose or its fixing is not secure, it might not work well or even stop working altogether when it falls off the wall. A maintenance visit from an accredited security systems professional will include checks to tighten wires and screws. To keep your cameras working perfectly.

Fix Problems Fast:
Imagine if your favorite superhero had a broken gadget that stopped them from saving the day. That’s like having a CCTV camera that isn’t working properly. A pro can find problems with your cameras and fix them super fast, so they can keep protecting you.

For example: If a camera isn’t producing clear images, it might be because the lens is dirty or scratched. Regular maintenance by an accredited professional will ensure that your cameras have the best chance to provide evidence that will identify the bad guy.

Make Sure Everything’s Up-to-Date:
Sometimes CCTV systems need to learn new things. Professionals can update your cameras with the latest software and hardware to make sure they work the best they can. This helps them work even better, like giving a superhero new powers!

What does CCTV Maintenance cover?

Obviously, commercial CCTV security camera systems will have higher technical specifications than those designed to protect homes. And are often multi-camera systems with internal and external coverage.

For example, commercial systems can cover vehicle access points, car parks, building entrances and exits (including fire exits). And with cameras installed inside a building, customers and staff can also be monitored if required. Commercial CCTV systems can also come with specialist capabilities such as ANPR – Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

However, without the regular maintenance of your CCTV equipment, the same kind of faults and problems can occur in both commercial and residential systems.

CCTV maintenance usually covers things like:

  • checking the operation of all devices inc camera focus and picture quality etc;
  • checking that the recording is ok and the quality of the recording

How often should you get your CCTV serviced?

For a home CCTV system, an annual service is usually sufficient. But it’s also a good idea to make your own regular basic checks in between services. Spiders don’t respect your service schedule and can climb up and start rebuilding their web as soon as the engineer has cleaned it away.

For commercial CCTV systems, it depends on the type of system you operate and your specific requirements. But maintenance should take place at least annually. And, in some cases, servicing every six months or even monthly may be recommended.

So, if you live in Essex, don’t forget to find a local CCTV maintenance expert. They will be the perfect sidekick to keep your cameras working at their best and help protect you and your family!

Find CCTV Maintenance Near Me In Essex

So, we’ve agreed that, if you want to be positive that your cameras are going to work when you need them most, you need to get them maintained. But you don’t want just any old CCTV Maintenance provider!

Make sure you get CCTV maintenance engineers from a company that is accredited by NSI or SSAIB. You can check for CCTV Servicing companies in Essex by going to those sites and adding your post code. You’ll find Eastern Security listed on the SSAIB website.


Whether it’s CCTV maintenance or security system servicing generally, Eastern Security can help. We have a range of plans for domestic and commercial systems.

Having a security system maintenance contract for your burglar alarm, CCTV or access control has some additional benefits.

You get priority support. Which means your call will be answered before non-contract customers.

And you receive a reduced call out fee.

We are also happy to take over maintenance contracts for CCTV systems that we did not install. If you’re unhappy with your current service contract provider, please get in touch.


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      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.