Burglar Alarms, Southend

Eastern Security Ltd is a local, independent business that provides SSAIB accredited burglar alarm installations for commercial properties in Southend-on-Sea and all over Essex.

Whether you’re in a high street shopfront, commercial office or industrial premises, we can provide you with a system for your security problem. You would always use your car alarm, so why would you leave your business property without the same protection?

Curiously, some business owners are concerned that, rather than a deterrent, a security system could make a burglar believe that there was something worth stealing on their premises.

The problem is that, in the modern era, there is ALWAYS something worth stealing behind the standard locked office door. It’s not just computers and other equipment, it’s data. And, as a business owner, you are responsible for ensuring that the personal data of customers is properly protected. This means that a security system has become a necessity.


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    5 Intruder Alarm Installation Benefits

    • Reduced insurance premiums – providing your alarm has been fitted by an approved SSAIB installer
    • Security for your stock from external intruders and internal pilfering
    • Protection for your employees from unwanted visitors
    • Peace of mind and trust for your customers/clients that their data is held securely
    • A deterrent to potential burglars

    To get these benefits you need to have the right system and we can offer a variety of options to meet the specific needs of your business

    Wired & Wireless Alarms

    Can a wireless system provide you with adequate protection and is it the most cost-effective option? We help you to make the right choice for your business.

    Area Setting / Zonal Alarms

    Specific parts of your building can be armed 24/7 whilst others can be protected by the alarm system to order – when staff don’t need to be in there.

    ARC Monitoring

    For added security, we can provide ARC monitored alarm systems, and because we have the SSAIB accreditation you can also receive Police response. The Police recommend the SSAIB accreditation because the alarms installed by approved companies have reduced the number of false alarm – reducing wasted time for their officers. You can only have a Police monitored system if you have a current maintenance contract with an approved company.


    With all technology, time causes unavoidable wear and tear, which results in faulty parts. While this can’t be avoided, you can make you alarm last a lot longer with regular maintenance.

    Just as you get your car serviced every year, it’s the same with intruder alarm installations. A small repair can stop a major problem, which is why we offer all of our customers a maintenance contract.


    Even if your alarm wasn’t installed by us, we can take it over to maintain it. So if you’re unhappy with your current supplier, give us a call.

    Key Holder Services

    Many of our commercial customers take advantage of our key holder service. If an alarm is activated, one of our engineers will attend to investigate the cause and repair the fault straightaway if possible. If no repair is necessary, they will reset the alarm to secure the site. If an intruder is present, they will wait for the Police to arrive and inform a member of staff. Find out more here.

    We used Eastern Security as we were looking for a trustworthy company to whom installed good alarms and have a very good response time upon activation. Eastern security sent over a surveying team to observe all the areas, blind spots and provided a full report to secure our work premises. We were happy with the quotation and they attended fast and installed the alarms, monitors plus cameras efficiently. They then showed us full operation of the systems and provided a full maintenance package in which we accepted. Overall we are very pleased with their services and would recommend, if you are looking for a trusted, polite and customer focused security company then call Eastern Security.

    Steve Foster

    Senior Manager, Jet & Drain Ltd.

    Why you should choose Eastern Security Ltd to install your commercial burglar alarm

    As with any security system, it’s only as good as the surveyors and engineers that plan and install it. That’s why when you opt for Eastern, you only get the best service possible. From Colchester to Southend-on-Sea, over the last 25 years we’ve provided expert alarm installations for numerous companies, as well as schools and care homes.

    • SSAIB approved for Home Burglar Alarms
    • Up to date, industry-approved technology
    • Local company with over 25 years of experience
    • Versatile systems designed to grow with your home
    • No mess installation
    • Not commission based sales team
    • Our alarms re-arm after activation. Some burglars will wait for the police to come and go and then try again!
    • We offer a 12 month full warranty on parts and labour for the first year
    • Key holder service available
    • We offer maintenance contracts that give you peace of mind, knowing that an engineer is only ever a phone call away.
    • Monitoring – remember you must have a current maintenance contract too

    Safeguard Your Business

    Your company deserves to be protected, so take that first step and book a free site survey. Simply complete the form.


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