Video Door Entry Systems For Essex Businesses

As a sensible business owner, you protect your premises overnight and during holidays. But what about during working hours? Video door entry brings 24/7 cover to your business and your staff!

Door entry systems for Essex businesses – the benefits

Lots of small businesses are based in shared buildings. Great for keeping costs lower but not so good if you’re the company nearest the door! 

A door entry system means each company’s visitors buzz through directly to them. Your staff are left to get on with what needs to be done. And when the visitors are for you, you get prior warning of their arrival.

Avoid daylight robberies

You don’t have to keep gold and diamonds in stock to be at risk of distraction burglaries or scammers. In these days of GDPR, even a folder of customer details is valuable! 

We expect a lot of our receptionists these days but we can’t expect them to be security guards. Is that really a gas engineer calling without an appointment? A door entry system makes it much easier to see ID before pressing the door release. It’s also easier to refuse entry when required. 

If anyone can just walk into your building, they can steal from your business or even your staff. Take a look around your office and see how many handbags are under desks or jackets over chair backs…

A video door entry system keeps opportunist thieves outside the building. Your staff and stock will be more secure. And so will your data!

Audio vs Video door entry systems

One of our commercial customers has recently moved premises. She told us:

Currently I am going back to our old office to check for any letters. I buzz one of the companies, tell them who I am over the audio system and they just let me in. No one comes to check that I am who I say.


As I check the place where the mail for the different offices is left, there are at least two open doors with handbags and jackets over chairs and no sign of anyone in the office. This is a different company to the one that let me in. They don’t know I am in the building or that their property may be at risk…


It was the same when we had parcel deliveries. If there was no answer from the actual delivery address, they buzzed someone else and the parcel would just be left downstairs with the rest of the post. But no one checked to see whether it really was the delivery guy, or whether he had left the building.

A video system means people can prove they are who they say they are – and can’t get in unseen.

Prevention is better than cure

It’s no good having audio or video door entry if someone sticks a door stop under the main door to let some fresh air in. Or unlocks and props open a back door…

Make sure everyone in the building knows that these systems are for their personal protection as much as the business. The best security comes in layers, and your people are one of them.

Along with your intruder alarm and CCTV cameras, a video door entry system on your Essex business premises shows criminals that you have layers of security. It’s a visible sign that you’ve thought of more than the obvious – and you’ve got it covered!

Eastern can design the perfect system for your business premises. Our experienced, qualified engineers will have it fitted with minimal disruption. We work all over Essex and into London via the A127 and A12. Get in touch today and arrange your FREE site survey!


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      We use the information you provide to contact you about Fire & Security services. You may unsubscribe at any time. For more information, see our Privacy Policy.

      From beginning to end, we found them to be extremely knowledgeable and professional… Would not hesitate to recommend.

      C Hampshire-Waugh

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