Picture the scene. It’s half two in the morning. Outside, it’s pitch black and freezing cold. The rain is almost horizontal, you’re soaked, and this is the third time your burglar alarm has gone off this week. It’s also the third time you’ve been dragged from a nice warm bed only to find it’s a false alarm.

Here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Change Your Business Intruder Alarm Maintenance Provider

False alarms

False alarms not only waste your time (and deprive you of sleep) but that of other keyholders or security personnel responding to each one. And that can be costly. Plus if your business is in a residential area, you’ll be disturbing the lives and sleep of your neighbours, too. Which can have a different type of negative impact.

Many local authorities (https://www.northampton.gov.uk/info/200075/pollution/1094/noise-pollution—burglar-alarms) will class your alarm as causing a statutory nuisance if it’s still clanging or wailing away after 20 minutes. And could fine you, or even gain entry to switch it off and send you the bill for their trouble.

Unresolved multiple false alarms are just one reason for changing your current maintenance provider. Here are a few more red flags you might think sound alarmingly familiar.

System faults and metaphorical leg-ups

People nicking stuff from you, damaging your property, and even trying to set fire to it are threats all businesses face. And so the last thing you need – or expect – is your Intruder Alarm Servicing provider giving them a metaphorical leg-up because of their poor maintenance work.

It’s like them putting a sign up saying ‘burglars welcome’.

A system fault can be caused by something as simple as a dying battery not being replaced during a regular service. Or an engineer not carrying out a proper test. The result could mean an alarm system that isn’t functioning. Leaving your business at the mercy of would-be thieves, vandals, and arsonists.

Emergency call-outs not being dealt with correctly

When something goes wrong with your alarm system, you want the problem to be identified and dealt with professionally. You certainly don’t want Laurel and Hardy turning up. And just as importantly, you want any emergency call-out you make to be treated with the urgency it demands. This leads neatly on to…

Slow call-outs

British Standards require a call-out to be responded to within 4 hours. So if you’ve found yourself using every expletive you can think of after the umpteenth call to find out where the engineer’s got to, you’ll know exactly who to call next. Another provider.

Engineers not completing the job

The sound of an engineer sucking their teeth is never a good sign. You always know it means bad news. No matter what you’ve asked, their reply can be as unbelievable as it is frustrating.

You know the sort of excuse… yes, it’s a very common fault but we haven’t got that bit with us. Or we’ve only got one ladder and it’s not long enough. And one of my favourites: we don’t have anyone available (when you know that England are playing tonight)…

You’ve lost your Police Unique Response Number

When you get frequent false alarms OR your Intruder Alarm system no longer meets certain technical requirements, the Police can withdraw their response cover to your business – you lose your URN (Unique Response Number). To regain it, you must upgrade your system.

You’ve now lost a vital part of your business’s protection. So, if this wasn’t flagged as a potential problem by your current provider, can you really trust them to carry out the necessary upgrade work? Probably not!

No Police response, no insurance cover

Worst still, if your insurance comes with the requirement that your Intruder Alarm system is connected to a Police response, they may withdraw their cover for your business.

If no URN means no insurance, your business is left at even greater risk.

They never answer the phone

Does it ever feel like you’re whistling in the wind with your current provider? Your telephone calls are rarely answered. Left messages go unreturned. And if you do finally get through, the person you want is never available.

If trying to book your alarm system’s annual service is nigh impossible, imagine what contacting them in an emergency will be like. If they can’t even get the basics right…

And finally, not a red flag, but instead something that makes perfect sense…

Consolidating your Intruder Alarm requirements with one provider

It’s a different kind of investment, I know. But, just as it’s much easier to keep track of all your savings and investments with one provider, the same applies to your Intruder Alarm requirements.

By choosing wisely, your new provider could handle not only the servicing of your alarm system but further installations should you need to expand or upgrade. They could also maintain some of your other security systems too. A lot less hassle and all with one point of contact.

And best of all, you’ll save yourself time and money in the process.

Whenever you experience poor or unreliable service, sticking with the status quo is never the best option.

So if any of these scenarios sound worryingly familiar, it’s time to change to an Intruder Alarm Maintenance provider you can trust. Because without a reliable and fully functioning first line of defence, you might just as well hand over your keys to all those would-be thieves, vandals, and arsonists.


People call Eastern Security regularly to tell us about the ways their current maintenance contractor has failed them. It’s usually one or more from our list of 9 Reasons.

If you’re getting regular errors or false alarms, it’s time to get your alarm system the TLC it needs. But many home and business owners don’t seek an alternative… because they think it will be difficult to switch.


In most cases, we can take over your existing system.

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